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Build your own business website with simple tools and friendly humans !

Business website builder

Friendly Support

Real people and sensible advice


Build a website and get help when you need us. Our friendly staff combined with our simple website builder provide an ideal combination. The website builder is simple to use but it is nice to know that there is someone close by if you run into problems. When you build a website for the first time can be a bit daunting and our friendly staff are available to help if you need us.

Build your own website

Your own personal Design

A unique design for your unique business


The website you build needs to look great. It also needs to look unique. Other companies build a library from which to choose a design. We combine this with a customised website building service. Let our designers build a design and a style that matches your business.

Build a website

Easiest Shopping Basket

One click and start taking credit cards


Adding a shopping basket is super easy. Create each of the products one by one. Just fill out a simple form. Add a title, a picture and a description for each one. There are loads of options if you need them. Once you have added and sorted them into groups just click a single button that creates the basket on your site.
Build a web site

Get Found

Get to the top of the search engines


Building a great looking website may appear the most important thing initially, but it won't be long before you turn your attention to building a presence on Google and the other search engines. We can help. Your website is built with the search engines in mind and we'll teach you all the tricks to get to the top of their listings.

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